Monday, November 30, 2009

IT'S A.............

Hey all, I know there isn't a card on this post.....check back later today, and hopefully I will have gotten to posting a bunch of stuff. But I just wanted to get this out there.....we had our ultrasound a week ago, and found out that we are having our 4th boy!!! Not really a surprise, I guess, but we are still excited!
Thanks to everyone who has sent well wishes, and have stuck with my blog the past few months, cuz heaven knows there has not been much going on around here.....I hope that changes soon, as I can finally say that I'm feeling good, back to myself!!! Yay!
Hope y'all are doing great out there, and that everyone is having a great beginning to the Christmas season!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

My First Sketchy Thursday in a LOOOOOONG Time

Well, here's the card I did for Tracy's Sketchy Thursday! It's been so long since I've been able to months! I'm so happy I got a chance to play. I got home from getting the boys at school, and sat down to check email, and then bopped on over to her blog, and just decided to make a card right then and there.....It's now, like an hour later, and I haven't seen my kids since I started. Perhaps I should do this more often.
Well, it's down pouring outside, with thunder and lightning to boot! What a great night for date night.....but it has to happen, now that I'm feeling better.....I think the last night out we had was like mid summer....oh yeah, but we did have a week in Hawaii.....I guess that counts!

Hope y'all have a fabulous day! Thanks for stopping by!