Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Divine Twine Pom-Poms

Wow.  I didn't actually think I would have another post this soon!
I have to say I am a bit pleased with myself!
But I got Kellan down for a nap, took a shower, which was much needed after almost 3 days, and since the other 3 boys are still at school, I wanted to try to get this card posted that I made last night.
When I went to Impress the other night, they had a sample of these little pom-poms which are made out of Divine Twine.  Since I absolutely love twine, what could be better than making little embellishments out of it?
I thought it would be perfect for the top of a party hat for this birthday card.  The chevron striped card is also something I picked up the other night....usually I am not one to buy already made cards, mainly because I have a ton of card stock, but I just couldn't pass these guys up!

Gonna keep this short, two posts in two days, is a little much after 4 months of nothing!
Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day!


Karen B. said...

Super sweet! Glad you found some time for yourself.

Amy said...

You always amaze me! Your cards are awesome!