Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cleaning Out

Edited to add: I actually wrote this post yesterday (Saturday) with the intention of finishing and posting it last night.....but was so dead tired, that it didn't get done.
The kids went to Kerry's folks last night for a sleep over and a day of adventure today. Last night Kerry and I were able to get together with some friends, which was wonderful.

And today it started.

Kerry and I are making a run at cleaning out the garage....we went and picked up a dresser for Cody and Dylan.....and are making a dump run and a run to goodwill.

I had to start cleaning out my stamping cupboard, which has been broken for some time and needs to go to the dump....I'm going to try an entirely new configuration to keep all my stamping stuff organized.

As I am cleaning out this cupboard, I cannot believe the stuff I have saved, thinking that I might use it some day, or the stuff that never got finished, that I have kept, thinking that at some point I will finish them. Not going to happen.

I am being ruthless today, and it feels so good.

Here are a few pics of the {messy} area as I am cleaning out the huge cupboard. I just had to get everything out fast so that Kerry could get it out and to the dump, so I just stacked everything up on my craft tables to deal with later. So crazy that I have all this stuff....

The next step is going to be going through all of it and re-organizing and even hopefully getting rid of a bunch of it!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day.

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Tiffany said...

I am reorganizing too today!! i do not have nearly as much as you do though!