Monday, March 22, 2010

Another PP Project: Magnets!

Well, I have found yet another way in which to use up that stash of patterned paper!
These are some mini magnets and I made them using pp from PTI: Pretty Pastels. I have made a boatload of others, some larger ones and more mini's, but haven't taken pictures of them yet....I'll try to get those and post them asap! So check back here later today or tomorrow!
I know I've seen these around in so many places and I have even made some before...but it's been a few years. I had the magnets and the little clear rock things sitting around now for some time, so I decided to use them up, along with some more pp. Can you tell that I'm trying desperately to use stuff up and clean stuff out? Can anyone say nesting?

These are also a super fun project to do with kids....either letting them make them with patterned paper, or by letting them make a little picture/drawing....I have a couple of these that the kids did YEARS ago. And I love's a fun way for them to make the magnets that holds their own artwork on the fridge.

Thanks for stoppping by and have a beautiful day!

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Kelley Eubanks said...

Cute.... I made some magnets with pictures behind them... they are fun to make!