Friday, May 1, 2009

Maybe a cupcake will help!

Today has been a crapy day! I broke my cuttlebug machine, and although I do have other die cutting little 'bug' was my favorite....guess I'll just have to dig for a michaels or Joann's coupon and go get me another this weekend.

So I had to go see my doctor, downtown Seattle this morning, so while I was making the trek, I decided to stop in at one of my favorite stamp stores that I don't get to very much because of the distance....I found these totally cute acryllic stamps of cupcakes....and acryllics are not my favorite, but they were just too cute to pass up! Well, they're not inkin' up like I want 'em to, but I managed to make a card for TECC anyway! And here it is. I love the sentiment, and I'm hoping that it proves true today. I'm going to make black bottom cupcakes after I go pick up Cody from school!


Meli Mitchell said...

Cupcakes ALWAYS help! Those bright flowers are the perfect touch to this fun and cheerful card.

Grandma said...

Love it!