Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Funny story of the day!

Okay, so this is the second post for today, just a little funny story, but if you want to see a card, you'll have to scroll down to the Color Throwdown post!

So with the baby on the way, I had to get a new infant car seat.....after Sam grew out of it, we gave it away, not wanting to have to store it and take up room in the garage, not knowing how long it would be until we had another baby, or if we would decide to have one.

The new car seat was delivered the other day, and I opened it up and was looking at it, I wanted to make sure that the base and everything would fit well in our car. Well, I attempted to take the carrier out of the base, and couldn't do it! I was pushing all the buttons, and pulling on things, and could not for the life of me figure out how to get it out! And of course I couldn't look at the instruction manual......I knew it had to be a one handed thing, since you have to lift the carrier out with the other hand, but I sat there, seriously for like 10 minutes trying to figure it out......really, I've had 3 kids, you would think I could do this, but it has been 5 embarrassing....I did figure it out, and I'm thankful I gave it a try before the baby was in it, in the car! Stuck! Crazy pregnant lady with no brain!!!

Oh, and just for giggles, here's a picture of the car seat....with the cat! I guess she felt she needed to break it in for us!!!

Thanks for stopping by....have a great day!


Kelley Eubanks said...

Hey girl... don't you love pregnancy brain? Mine has never left... I am still stupid! :) Your Color Throwdown card is great!! Doesn't look like you are rusty at all! I love the Christmas pic that your mom sent. That is great! So glad that you are doing well... other than the pregnancy brain thing! :) Love ya girl!

Tracy said...

Ohhhh girl I am sittin' here laughing out loud with you. Pregger brain strikes again. Bless your heart. Glad you figured it all out. We mom's feel your pain. The back seat fell off of Claudia's booster a few weeks back and I just couldn't get in back on for the life of me. I literally worked up a sweat to get it back on. The the other day same thing happened. But it took like 5 seconds to put it back on. And I swear I did not a thing different than the first time! Go figure. You know after all we have to go through as women you'd think God would have given us some extra cells to compensate! LOL!!!

BTW, LOVE the furry baby in the seat. Looks just like my beloved Smokey.