Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In a Funk and a Couple of Leftovers

Hey there!

Happy Tuesday......night that is. My day did not really go as planned. Funny how that happens to me.....just about every day.
I can't even explain to you the weirdness I feel. I am definately in a stamping funk. Lost my mojo, or something like that.

I was so excited last Friday when I received the emial from Papercrafts, letting me know that 3 of my cards were being picked up for publication. I have been in stamping heaven ever since then, and I think to day was the first time since then that I have had the opportunity to stamp.

And let me tell you.....it's just not there for me right now. I have been thinking all day that I want to create some really awesome cards....some for the most recent Papercrafts call, which is all about sketches, as well as make cards for the Stamping Royality Contest. I keep telling myself that I should be able to come up with some new and exciting cards, but I just can't. Do you ever feel like that? Like you just can't think of anything? I am surrounded with all these amazing stamps and supplies, and yet nothing is coming to me. Or the cards I have produced today have been CRAP. Not even worth taking pictures of......they just went straight into the recycle bin.

Maybe I'm just trying too hard, I don't know. So if anyone out there has any tips on how to get the stamping mojo flowing....please let me know!

I do however want to share a few Valentine's Cards that I just never got around to posting. Here they are!

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day!

Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day!

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Kelley Eubanks said...

These are adorable Amanda! I get in those funks too. I think what helps me the most is blog hopping! I think because I don't do it often at all anymore. Maybe to look through some card mags? Maybe get a good nights sleep and start again tomorrow? :) Hope you feel better soon!