Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another SFYTT...not quite a piece of cake!

Well, I wasn't going to post this weekend....until I remembered that Jen del Muro,was putting out another sketch for you to try today....and I just had to play! So here I am, I have not yet fed my family dinner, my husband just came downstairs to inform me it's almost 8pm as I am typing this, but my card is done.....albeit not one of my favorites....I thought when I saw the sketch, "oh, this design will be so much fun....and a piece of cake" pun intended in regards to the card. But for some reason, I don't know if the creative juices just weren't flowin' tonight, or what, but this one was really difficult for me....but I finished it. I have really wanted to use this paper, they are companions to one another.....but perhaps too busy to use together....I don't know if it's really good enough to put out there....but here it is anyway!

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jen del muro ( said...

This is such a fun and totally darling card! Thanks so much for playing along and good luck! Hugs-Jd