Friday, March 27, 2009

A cute little basket

Well.....a little lady, Jen del Muro, who's webiste I gives me so much inspiration, does a little thing called ABC Friday, which stands for anything but a in honor of her I'm going to post this little number....I did this for a little gathering last Friday much fun. I've been playing around with all these new dies that Stampin' UP has put out recently....they are so exciting and so much fun.....this little basket is one of them and I just love it.....perfect for putting some little "yummies" in to give away....and I love to give exciting things to people! So here ya go, a little something that's not a card......oh and btw, now that Katherine has finished season three of Dexter, I can now freely talk about it....yay! Did Dexter really have to kill Miguel? Yes, yes, I know he did....but I was still sort of sad to see him go.....and should Dexter really be having a baby? Perhaps not the best choice for a serial killer! If you haven't checked this show out....I highly recomend nexflixin''s amazing, although, if you're easily offended (in any way about anything) I would let this one pass you by! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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