Monday, August 17, 2009

Dahlias - A color inspiration!

Can't believe I've been MIA for so long....anyway, I hoping I have some time to stamp today. I have about 5 challenges sitting on my table. It would be nice, but summer is quickly coming to a close, and we have a camping trip planned starting Thursday, and soccer practice starts this week as well. So I guess my leisurely summer is coming to a halt! Oh no!
Well, I don't have a card right now, but thought I would share these pictures of some of my favorite flowers in the world. Aren't they beautiful? I'm hoping they will inspire me to create something today that is just as amazing as they are! Don't ya think these are great for a bright summer color inspiration?

Hope y'all are having a GREAT Monday!


Kelley Eubanks said...

They are beautiful! I was just thinking last night that I haven't 'talked' to you in a while! Must have been missing ya! :)

travelingmama said...

We just bought some of these today but I had no idea what they were called! LOL! Mine are a pinky purple- I love yours! They would be perfect for a color challenge!