Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh me, Oh my! What a day.

Okay, so I usually don't do this AT ALL, (whine online) but today was one of those days. Today I wanted school to start TOMORROW, and it seemed like I should have just not gotten out of bed. Any of you ever have these days? I swear my kids made a pact with one another to see which one could undo the most of what I was trying to accomplish all day long. I must have put the pillows back on the couch like 47 times, and then, are you ready for my most exciting moment of the day? It was sorting like 42 million Lego's into their colored bins/homes. This is no simple feat, mind you, and I am glad it is over. I was kinda a grumpy mom today....I hope my kiddos still love me tomorrow morning!

I wasn't going to stamp at all today....just give myself completely to my kids and the cleaning of the house....but by about 4pm, I had to stamp....just for my sanity!!!! I didn't get a chance to take picks of my cards before dark, so I will have to do it in the morning, and then I can post them! So check back tomorrow for more craft and less whining!!!!


Kelley Eubanks said...

Girl... I only have one and totally understand! Sometimes I feel so guilty for having so little patience but... they really do know how to work you and they seem to enjoy it! I hope you have a better day tomorrow! :)

Kelley Eubanks said...

Something funny... you know the little letters you have to type... the security thing? well... my letters were... butlicks. (oh that first comment)

How funny is that... I am going to start calling Carver butlick instead of turdhead! :)