Saturday, July 25, 2009

Card Swap

So I thought I would showcase the cards we made at card swap Wednesday night. There were only half of the group there, but that was okay, because then there were more Coconut M&Ms for the rest of us!

For a while, we were getting pretty intricate with our cards, and now it seems like we have swung the other way, and going for the more simple approach.....I think everyone got sick of having to cut out multiple things for every card!

This one was mine.....I cased a card that used a PTI stamp to create a flower, but I just used a flower instead. Love the simplicity.

Katherine's -I can't believe that she still has some of this was one of my fav's. So sad to not have it available anymore.

Debra's -Debra is an interior Designer, and the PP is actually a color copy of fabric.....can you believe it? And it even has a real piece of Lavender tucked in the ribbon! How fantastic.

Heather created this adorable gift card. It's a 3 x 3. Love it!

Nicole - This paper is the cutest! It's Martha Stewart....I love the apples and the pears!

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Kelley Eubanks said...

Amanda... cute cards! I love your card! Seriously... I think you have finally shown me a way that I can use that flower!! So..... Thank you! :) Your 1st Raspberry card is great. I love the embossed background! Hope you have a great Saturday!