Sunday, July 19, 2009

Delight In Simple Things

This is a card I make at my last card swap in June. One of my swap gals just provided all of us with the materials, and we got to make up our own card. Love doing this. There are a few of us in the swap group that want to make this a regular thing....just having a color theme, or just providing the card elements and letting everyone have their own creative licence. But there are a few in the group who just aren't there yet. It would be way out of their comfort zone. All I can say is that when I have be creatively pushed out of my comfort zone...awesome things happen....most of the time, that is.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT Sunday. I'm hoping to get a card made today for Tracy's Sketchy Thursday today....but we'll just have to see! The sunshine is calling me to go outside and read my book!

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Kelley Eubanks said...

This is beautiful Amanda!! I like your idea about the gift for the recycle collector! However... I have to take it off myself. Maybe I can just hang it up on the side of one of the bins. Who knows... maybe I will start something and everyone will follow! :)