Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet Sunday Sketch with no stampin'!

It is so hot that I can't even function. It was already 90 degrees by 9:30 this morning. And we don't have AC. Painful. It's just that if I wanted this kind of heat I would have moved to Arizona, or Texas maybe....Perhaps even Nevada. Okay I'm finished whining.
I came down to do a card for Karen's Sweet Sunday Sketch, and started a card, and I tried and tried to make it work.....and finally I just gave up. There are not too many cards out there that I just give up on, but this one was one of them. Perhaps I'll snap a picture of the half finished card, just so y'all can see what I mean.

Anyway, I've had these brads for some time now....I know they look like buttons, but they are indeed brads. I got them from Two Peas. Well I went rummaging through my drawer of Bling/Buttons & other exciting goodies, looking for a big rhinestone to go in the middle of the flower for my other card that I started, and I saw the brads, and I got another idea in my head, and so I made this card! Really simple, perhaps too simple....and no stamping! I can't believe myself!

Oh yeah....and here's the first attempt!


Karen Giron said...

You are too funny - I'm happy you stuck with it and you aren't alone in thinking this was a tough one. Both of your cards are darling - love all the patterns and flowers in your second one and the button brads are perfect in the first! Please come back next week - I promise to stay away from circles, lol!

Kelley Eubanks said...

I like them both Amanda... those brads are awesome. You don't need a whole lot to go with them!! Sorry you are so hot!! :) It is a rainy week here but that is ok. I like rain!

Julie said...

for me, it's so difficult making a card with absolutely no stamping or made it look easy and gorgeous! love it!