Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Save the Date....

So I have agreed to help one of my cousins with her wedding save the date cards and wedding invites. There have been a couple of changes....like any bride to be, you know, location, date, colors...etc.

First the wedding was to be in Carmel, CA, and her colors were going to be yellows and blues. Now the wedding is going to me in Maui, and the colors have changed.....I mean you can't just have yellows and blues when getting married in a tropical paradise, can you.

I just hope we can go....the wedding is in mid April, and Ker and I are already going to Maui in October to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! So we'll have to see if we can swing another Maui trip just 6 months later.....it's not looking promising....and we'd probably have to take the kiddos that time too!

Okay, so enough chatter....here is just one of the many mock ups that might somehow at some point in time resemble her save-the-date cards. It looks like she likes this, but we're going to change up a few colors and such!

This is the second post for today.....trying to make up for vacation time, so be sure to check out my earlier post with my card box!